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Being an active family and baby wearing go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re pushing suitcases across an airport and jumping on a plane or hiking along the majestic mountainsides of New Zealand, having a child strapped to your back, is often the quickest way to get your seedling from point A to B.

With three kids and having traveled and hiked around the world with them, we accumulated quite a collection, so here are my pros/cons of everything we have!

For reference in regards to sizing and fit I’m 5’3.5″ and between 117-125lbs (depending on which postpartum stage I’m in) and Brett is 6’2″ and 185lbs.

Ultimate Hiking Backpack-Deuter Kid Comfort Series

I LOVE the Deuter Kid Comfort for a multitude of reasons, and although pricer, they’re worth the investment for active families and hikers. Although we have an older version from a few years ago, Deuter has since created the Deuter Kid Comfort Active SL designed for smaller frames and Deuter Kid Comfort Pro for the whole family.

5 months pregnant with Baby E and wearing Baby H


It’s well padded for both parent and child, I enjoy having the weight distributed evenly over my back, and there are so many pockets for snacks, diapers, clothes, so you don’t have to back to front carry bags. It’s also secure on my petite frame, as normally backpack and purse straps often slip off.

-Water bladder compatible so you can sip and hike at the same time

-Lightweight (5lbs 8ozs) and folds flat

-Padded back and hip belt

Rain cover available

-A Deuter Sun Roof can be added on for extra protection for your wee one.

North Island Hiking


Even though Brett will wear the Deuter, for his broad shoulders, the width becomes uncomfortable on longer hikes as it’s too tight for him for long periods. If you’re looking for something with a frame that’s a bit bigger, consider the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro.

Accessories such as the sun roof, bladder, and rain cover are not included so you must purchase them in addition to the backpack.


Deuter Kid Comfort Pro

Deuter Kid Comfort Active SL

Rain cover

Deuter Sun Roof

Best Travel Carrier-Fidella

Brett’s friend Annabelle had a baby at the same time we did, and when I saw her Fidella, I knew I had to get one also. Luckily I found ours second hand. I do think a good carrier is worth the investment since a good support system for yourself and baby is important for your back and baby’s development, but if you’re able to find one in good condition, second hand, even better!

Cronulla Sand Dunes, Australia

Fidella is a German company and their carriers are made in Turkey with organic cotton. I love our Fidella as an everyday carrier and this will probably be the one that I’ll keep over the others when Baby E gets bigger.


-Lightweight and compact, doesn’t take up a lot of space in a suitcase or bag

-Back and front carry

-Has ties along the neck, side and bottom, to adjust size as baby grows

-Made of organic cotton, beautiful, and soft

-Comfortable to wear, padded shoulders and hips

-Fits both Brett and I comfortably

-Sun hood for baby



Although designed for newborns to toddlers, the carrier is not structured in the carrier part, such as the ergobaby, so you may feel more comfortable using it when the baby is a bit bigger.


Fidella Baby Wraps and Carriers

Best for Small Babies-Ergobaby 360

The Ergobaby 360 was our first baby carrier. I like it for our newborns because I find the structure cozy and safe for small babies when you have the infant insert. I will probably sell this one in the future though. It sometimes slides off my hips and seems to fit Brett better. It also takes up more space than the Fidella and isn’t the most breathable during summer under the powerful New Zealand sun.



-Multiple carry positions

-Sun protection hood

-Padded and lumbar support

Infant Insert for newborns


-Both baby and adult can get quite overheated on a warm summer day.

-Must buy infant insert separately if using with a newborn.

-I find it a bit bulky.

-Velcro can be loud when trying to quietly take it off and not wake the baby.


Ergobaby 360

Infant Insert

Best for Hot Hot Heat-Baby Bjorn Carrier One-Mesh

Sentosa Island, Singapore

When we left New Zealand last year it was only supposed to be only for one month so we left our carriers behind. We ended up in Singapore for 6 months where the humidity could get up to 90%, so a breathable carrier was a necessity and I purchased the Baby Bjorn. I do find it more comfortable than the Ergobaby, but my long legged babies seem to outgrow it quickly.


-Excellent in heat and humid conditions, breathable for both baby and adult.

-Comfortable, padded

-Out of all our soft carriers, I find this one the easiest to put on and take off


-If you have a taller baby, they’ll outgrow it very quick.

-No sun hood

-I found the neck support flap started to move down easier, the bigger, baby H got, so it wasn’t supporting him as well when he slept


Baby Bjorn Carrier One

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