Christmas 2021

Ah, the holiday season and delayed shipping is upon us. Here in Australia, every website comes with a warning to essentially expect disappointment if you need something right away and I have seen my fellow Americans posting about disrupted supply chains.

I managed to wrap up our shopping yesterday evening as a precaution, but if you’re stuck on ideas, here are items we have or will have that might help with your list!

*Please note, some links may be Amazon Affiliate links, which are no extra cost to yourself but help me invest in my tiny family which I am ever so thankful for!

Eco toys

If you’ve been along for our journey on Instagram, you know I adore some eco-friendly and sustainable toys. I do find that although our wood toys have taken a beating, they tend to last longer than other toys we’ve been gifted. I also seem to have developed some sensory issues the past years where I’m overwhelmed by noise, so it’s helpful for myself not to get the kids toys that go WEEOOOOOBEEPBOOP, also.

Wooden Dinosaurs: Love these! These were H’s Christmas gift last year and I even love them as an adult. They are priced as an investment piece, but they’re beautifully handcrafted in Russia and feel like an heirloom item to pass down eventually.


Wood Dinosaurs from Etsy – MilkheevManufactory- 3/6 shown here

Green Toys – Fire Truck: The truck is made of recyclable and recyclable materials and printed with babe-safe. soy inks. Baby E loves cars, so we’re so excited for this one for him.


Photo from Target AU- Green Toys – Fire Truck

Wheat Straw Digger – This is from Kmart Australia which is the equivelent of Target in the U.S. Sorry U.S. friends, I don’t know what brand would be in the U.S. Wheat straw is an earth friendly material, but we’ve had some wheat straw plates that have cracked, so hopefully this is a lot stronger!

Kmart Australia Link:

Photo from Kmart Australia

Resoftables Tigger – Made of recycled bottles! I don’t know if this is in Australia only, but we’ve recently really gotten into Winnie the Pooh and had a Tigger request this year.

David Jones Australia Link:

Recycled bottle Tigger-Photo: David Jones

Another option this year for recycled toys is to go Goodwill or any other op shop. Previously loved toys are a wonderful gift also, stick a bow on it, because who’s keeping the box anyways?! I’m part of the Play Kitchens & Toy Makeovers group on facebook, and in Australia we don’t have a lot of access to the makeover resources at a good price, but it defintely inspires me to do some toy makeovers if we head back stateside! –


Paint Sticks – Advertised as “Mess Free Painting,” and I am all about that.


We’ve had so many paint incidents this year…


Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart make the most beautiful popup books. I started collecting them this year, although since the kids are so young, there is a rule they have to use them with a parent around until they learn gentle hands. These books are even a true joy as an adult to read with a child.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: A Definitive Pop-up


How is this not the coolest thing book ever?

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks and Other Sea Monsters


I need more of these…

Believe: A Pop-Up Book of Possibilities


Indestructibles: All of our books have been maimed somehow so when I saw an insta friend mention these I had to get (nearly) them all for Baby!


I will update you after Christmas if they were truly “indestructible”

This is a “big” Christmas for us as each child has four gifts each. One or two from grandma, Santa, and mommy/daddy. I think our Christmas’ are between minimalist and big. As the kids do get toys throughout the year and we tend to move the months after Christmas, we’re with the less is more mentality.

I hope these help give you some ideas!

Happy Holidays!

xoxo Alexis and the tiny roamers

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