GOGOKID is offering a $300 sign on bonus for all new teachers between now and 30 November 2020!

To be qualify you must:

  1. Be eligible to work to the U.S. or Canada.
  2. Successfully complete the interview and sign your contract between now and the 30 November 2020 (Beijing Time).
  3. Successfully complete 3 “As Scheduled” classes within 30 days from the day the teacher signs their first contract with GOGOKID
  4. Open at least 75 peak time slots-sounds like a lot, but if you open all 4, it would only take you 19 days to tick off this requirement!- (7:00 pm, 7:30 pm, 8:00 pm and 8:30 pm Beijing time) at least 72 hours before each class start time, and leave them open until they are either booked or expired during the first 30 day period.
  5. A Teacher No-Show, Teacher Cancellation, Teacher Cancellation 2H, Teacher Cancellation 24H, Teacher IT finish type, valid parent reviews with 1 to 3 stars, or valid user complaints within 30 days from the day they sign their first contract with GOGOKID will disqualify them from receiving the New Teacher Incentive.


Apply here now to get the bonus!


New Hiring Process as of November

*Hiring tips:

-Make sure to practice the material before recording your demo. Record yourself in a warm, inviting, child friendly area and be confident! Ask me if you have any questions or want to practice beforehand!





The Good, The Bad, and the GoGo-$14 to $25 per hour

I retain a lot of loyalty with GoGoKid (take a peak at them here) as I have been with them nearly since they started and they were my first e-learning company that I made a consistent, impactful wage with. Watching and growing with them over the past year has been equal parts exciting and challenging. As with all new companies, staff turnover, restructuring and constantly changing policies, can be difficult. But with a fun and interactive platform, cash incentives, and fully booked schedule, it's a company not be passed up.


The Facts

-Eligibility-Must be eligible to work in the U.S. or Canada (Nomad Factor 4/5 because you can literally work anywhere as long as you have stable internet! I've worked in New Zealand, Florida, and Singapore so far!)

-Education Level- Must have a Bachelor's Degree or higher in any field! Also due to new regulations by the Chinese Ministry of Education all teachers must be TESOL, TEFL or Celta, certified  (Yes, even if your degree is already in Education). If you currently do not have a certification you can complete this easy one with the International Open Academy for only $19!

It works for all e-learning companies also, so once you receive your certificate use it for multiple companies!

-Work Hours-9am-9pm BJT (Beijing Time), Although your hot hours will be the 7pm, 7:30pm, 8pm, and 8:30 pm BJT spots. Check out your time difference here!

-Tech Requirements-Headset with boom mic, computer with at least 4GB RAM, Intel Core i3 above, Mac OS 10.8x or higher, Windows 7 and higher, external or internal camera. At least 20 Mbps connection. 

-Commitment Level-The contract length is 6 months, but there are no weekly minimums! Keep it on your back burner for a rainy day at another company.

-Classroom-The world! Professional, yet fun (i.e. inviting and nothing scary for kids).

-Uniform- None! Although a lot of teachers like to invest in Teacher Tees with their names on them. I prefer something without branding that can be used for multiple companies. 


  • They are one of the highest paying companies in the e-learning biz as they are backed by  $78 billion dollar Chinese Internet technology company, Bytedance.
  • Your pay is calculated by a base rate of $7-$10 USD per class, and incentives are based on your credit score which is a combination of whether or not you taught peak times, how many classes taught per day Beijing time, and number of five star parent reviews. Incentives can go up to an additional $2.50 per class. 
  • Great cash incentives for working certain times or days.
  • 55% pay for trial no shows or trial cancellations 24H, 100% for core cancellations 24H
  • $5 per trial conversion
  • Fun, engaging, interactive platform (Even some of VIPkid's recent updated levels and filters are reminiscent of the GoGoKid classroom). GoGoKid recently updated their platform so you can switch your face with the slide so the student can watch your mouth movements or props in clearer detail than the small screen on the side!
  • Flexibility to teach your own way/style.
  • The company has students in China and have recently expanded to Japan and South Korea!
  • 1 of 5,000 teachers (At VIPkid you're 1 of 90,000)
  • Parents book teachers, so students who adore your style can find you!
  • Automatically certified and can teach all levels.


  • Difficult to understand payment scale.
  • Payment tab is not in real time. 
  • You can end up not getting the cash incentive because of a Teacher IT or review lower than five stars.
  • System can sometimes be glitchy which can get frustrating. Always take screenshots to cover yourself!
  • Some teachers prefer more guidance as it can seem very long to extend K-level classes which are 15-16 slides for the 25 minutes long.
  • If you're currently a VIPkid or Palfish teacher and looking to teach on your iPad, this is currently not an option with GoGoKid.
  • Parents book you, so you're not guaranteed certain hours.
  • Automatically certified and can teach all levels. Some people may prefer only teaching certain levels.

Pay System 

  • Base rate is between $7-$10 per class based on experience and credentials (although realistically most people have not been offered $10 since they initially started hiring back in 2018).
  • Additional Incentives can go up to an additional $2.50 per class. It's a a somewhat complicated system that is delayed and based on  a fluctuating credit score which is a combination of whether or not you taught peak times, how many classes taught per day Beijing time, if you had cancellations or no shows and number of five star or one star parent reviews. As one of the few remaining original teachers, I even have trouble understanding it. 
  • Paid monthly by or on the 15th the following month. For example all of October will be paid by or on the 15th of November.

Ways to Increase Your Credit Score

  • Classes that finish As Scheduled, Student IT, Student Cancellation 24H or Student No Show.
  • Teaching during peak hours-7pm-9pm Beijing Time
  • Teach more classes per day
  • Earn more valid five star reviews
  • Attendance during the last 30 days
  • Performance with the last 150 bookings

Credit Score Deductions

  • Teacher No Show, Teacher Cancellations, Teacher Late, Teacher Leaving Early, Valid Parent Complaints, Severe Improper Behaviors, Teacher IT

***There is an appeal process for unexpected events in which you would have to cancel last minute, in which points will be restored and there will be no monetary deduction, should your appeal be granted. Monetary deductions are taken from what your incentive, or what you make on top of your base pay. 

Get Started Now!

Like all companies there are pros and cons, but it never hurts to have more than one company in your pocket. Ready to apply? Click here to get started!

My best tip is to review and prepare for an interview at any time! Interviews will be conducted during daylight hours Beijing time so you may have to wait for an odd time such as 2am. They do get fully booked right away, so check at odd times at night as many people cancel last minute.

PREPARE for the unexpected!!! A lot of veteran teachers get thrown off because their interviewer was "rude" to them, but the interviewer might throw anything at you that you may encounter in a real classroom such as ignoring you, repeating incorrectly, crying, and they want to see how you will react/adapt in real time. 

HAVE a clean and inviting backdrop that you objectively believe would be warm and welcoming to children who are meeting you and maybe even a native English speaker for the first time! I even have some free name signs in the tiny roamers teachers pay teachers shop, that you can print out prior to your interview to show off your team spirit!

BE warm, welcoming, and inviting! 

If you have any questions contact me on instagram @tinyroamers or via the tiny roamers contact form!